Friday, July 23, 2010

Crushing dreams at Wipeout Canada and a dream interview with Gordon Pinsent

What have I been doing lately? Squeezing in one last Calgary/Banff/Kootenays road trip before buckling down for a full-time day job on Monday, interviewing Gordon Pinsent, and being a guest judge of Wipeout Canada auditions. Here's more on the last two:
  • A day in the life of TV, eh? at Wipeout Canada auditions
    "There was a swordfight. An ex-BC Lions player. A male model. A female wrestler. An Olympic medalist. A guy in diapers. Some nervousness. And a LOT of giant egos and tight Spandex. Thursday, I was invited to be one of the guest judges at the Vancouver audition callbacks for Wipeout Canada. I’d never want to be a contestant, but crushing potential contestants’ dreams as a judge sounded like the perfect kind of fun for me." Read more.