Friday, November 11, 2005

On books

I'll be doing occasional book reviews for Blogcritics, so giddy with the success of my one-stop-shopping House, M.D. links page, I thought I'd compile my book-related posts here so I can link previous and future posts together for those who want more.

Book reviews:
Book-related posts:
  • Raincoast Books introduced literary podcast series. The title sort of sums it up. A publisher does an author reading and commentary (on The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch) as the first of a planned series of podcasts.
  • Vikram Seth talks about Two Lives. The author of A Suitable Boy was in Vancouver for a reading of his new memoir.
  • An Evening with Salman Rushdie. The writer of the recently released Shalimar the Clown and Booker-winner Midnight's Children came to Vancouver for a reading.
  • I don't watch Oprah, but ... is about the newly relaunched Oprah Book Club, mentioning her first pick, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (the audiobook version of which I review above).
  • Amazon Short, sweet and cheap is about Amazon's offerings of short-form literature for 99 cents.
  • When fans react. My explanation of why I'm curious about the behind-the-scenes world of TV writers, which is responding to a TV writers' post on why he doesn't think writers should indulge that curiosity. It also briefly mentions a talk I attended by Margaret Atwood, and her thoughts on the writing process.
  • A gift of Fry & Laurie mentions books written by actors Stephen Fry (The Stars Tennis Balls, or Revenge in the U.S.) and Hugh Laurie (The Gun Seller).