Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shh, don't tell me how it ends

So it's 9:30, half way through Pacific-time House, and I just got home from a coworker's going-away party. And there's a possibility I might be a little happy. Not drunk, you understand, just ... happy. So I wasn't sure I'd have the stamina to write my review tonight. But then it turns out that's not a problem. Because I can't watch it tonight. Because my computer-based PVR has a hard time turning the channel from ABC to FOX when the little IR blaster thingamabob that goes from the computer to the cable box has fallen off. The old VCR is starting to look good again. I could write a review of Hope & Faith and Less Than Perfect, but ... no. Please, dear god, no.

So I'll get the show via, um, other means, and write a review soon. Tomorrow night after volleyball if I'm not too happy and technologically challenged again.

[Wednesday edit:] And life interferes again, so the review will probably come tomorrow evening. I still haven't seen it, but I do know the ratings were huge, which makes me happy.

[Thursday edit:] Or maybe I'll just keep editing this same post forever and you'll stop believing that it's coming. I just saw the episode but I think I have a lot to say, and not enough energy tonight to say it after an exhausting week. Tomorrow night for sure. Oh, and my brother did inadvertently tell me how it ends, but it didn't really hurt the viewing experience. He was letting me know that the DVDs I gave him ended up converting his girlfriend, too, so she watched this week and inadvertently ruined the ending for him by saying the kid had herpes, in a whole chain reaction of ruin.