Sunday, November 02, 2008

Interview with Michelle Forbes

It's probably time to acknowledge what's been pretty apparent for a while, that I'm all but abandoning this blog for now. I'll continue posting my articles from TV, eh? and Blogcritics, though I'm cutting down on those too. But my latest, posted at both places, is an interview with Michelle Forbes, the new addition to Durham County's second season, playing Dr. Penelope Verity. She's juggling In Treatment and True Blood too, and is best known (though don't say that to her) for her roles in Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.
  • Michelle Forbes Delves Into The Darkness Of Durham County
    “I know where her distortions are coming from and I have an enormous amount of empathy for that,” she explained. “I think there’s an enormous amount of love and hurt at the core of Penelope’s distortions, whereas I think – and this is the difference between men and women – I think that at the core of Ray Prager’s distortions, it was about ego and bravado. And of course hurt and what he went through as a child, but certainly what it turned into as a man was the need to conquer and be powerful. That is not the engine for Penelope.” Read more.