Friday, December 17, 2010

TV, eh? podcasts - episodes 22 and 23

Oops, a little behind on linking to the TV, eh? podcasts:
  • Episode 23: Lethally Sexy and Borderline Sociopathic
    The title's not talking about me and Anthony, but quoting the press release for new CTV shows. We talk about good endings and bad, Netflix's Canadian content, CTV's please-let-it-be-a-joke press release, and rants about 3D TV and the whiny, pathetic side of the Canadian TV industry.
  • Episode 22: Insidious Negative Popular Stereotyping
    Guests are from A Heartland Christmas: Nicholas Campbell (Da Vinci’s Inquest) joins series stars Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle. Anthony and I discuss the bizarre starring turn of Canadian TV in the WikiLeaks documents, Yule Log gate – where Shaw backs down from plans to charge for the channel – and the disappearance of Montreal from the English TV landscape. Anthony also reflects on the career of beloved CityTV anchor Mark Dailey.