Friday, July 31, 2009

The Emmys Snub Writers ... Again

I rant a little at Blogcritics about the Emmy change announced yesterday. The Emmys diminishing the role of the writer should be as unthinkable as the Oscars diminishing the role of the director.
  • The Emmys Snub Writers ... Again
    "Jeff Greenstein, currently a writer/producer on the upcoming Parenthood, formerly with Desperate Housewives, and a long-time Emmy judge, said the news was the talk of the writers' room. 'I find it ironic that the year after the skit with the five reality show hosts saying 'we got nothing' – the biggest bomb in Emmy history – that they’d kick the writing awards off the show.'" Read more.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interview: Quinn Cummings of Notes From The Underwire

Here's my interview with author, word nerd, and Oscar nominee Quinn Cummings:
  • Interview: Author Quinn Cummings of Notes From The Underwire
    "I suspect – I hope – we’re coming into a more modest, more realistic age, where the goal of life won't be to get the Bentley you drive to the Hamptons. Aspiring to that much fabulousness is exhausting. Sometimes I can practically hear the exhalations of relief when someone writes in to admit that they, too, are just trying to get through a day without falling up a flight of stairs." Read more.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interview with Passenger Side writer/director Matthew Bissonnette and actor Joel Bissonnette

My latest at Blogcritics, after a long absence:
  • Passenger Side Takes An Eccentric Ride Around LA
    "It's fitting that Passenger Side, a film about a day-long road trip around Los Angeles and environs, had its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. It's also fitting that I saw it two hours after arriving in Los Angeles after being the passenger on a week-long road trip. But the LA of Passenger Side is not the LA of a tourist, unless that tourist were particularly fond of transsexual prostitutes, middle-of-nowhere gas stations, and low-rent porn shoots." Read more.