Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interview: Cra$h & Burn's Caroline Cave

I interviewed actress Caroline Cave from the upcoming Cra$h & Burn and the current Saw VI:
  • Interview: Cra$h & Burn's Caroline Cave
    "Luke Kirby's Jimmy Burn is clearly the title character of Cra$h & Burn, premiering Wednesday on Showcase. Catherine Scott, played by Vancouver actress Caroline Cave, may just be the Crash. 'It was a clever spin,' she says of the Toronto Star article that so labelled her. 'I had failed to see it so directly, but it's actually true. We see her in the middle of a divorce, with a demotion in her career. She's sleeping around a lot, she's drinking a lot. We meet her on her descent, whereas Jimmy's on his way climbing up and out.'" Read more.