Friday, September 15, 2006

A preview of my weekend of previews

As you can tell by the last couple of posts, and there will be a couple more (Jericho, Shark), it's TV preview time here at Unified Theory. At least, CBS TV preview time. Besides putting many of their shows online before their initial broadcast, like all the networks seem to be doing, they're really courting bloggers to launch their new series in particular. I can't decide if they can afford to put so much effort into promoting via bloggers because they're the number one network, or if they're the number one network partly because they play the publicity game better than the others. Chicken? Egg?

In my experience with the TV, Eh? site so far, CTV is by far the best network overall at publicity (shows with their own, good publicists trump them, though). Hmm, guess who's the number one network in Canada?

I'm not saying it's simple cause and effect, but it isn't coincidence, either.

Anyway, it's been a long, rough week, and all I want to do is curl up with a bottle of wine and a bucket of Cherry Garcia Ben & Jerry's and wallow. Except I'm a lightweight - a couple of glasses of wine and I'd be asleep (I could do the ice cream, though). Except for one eveningful of plans, I'm hoping for a quiet weekend of catching up on all the projects I've piled onto myself and haven't managed to climb out from under yet. First , in the absence of ice cream, I need a corkscrew.