Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This isn't a House review

If you were looking for my usual House episode review ... I have been posting them within a couple of hours of the show's Pacific time zone airing, but an early morning meeting tomorrow, and a differential diagnosis of Canadian sleeping sickness, means this week I'll be doing it tomorrow night instead.

In the meantime ...

My one-sentence review - It was a cool experiment in really putting the mystery in the medical mystery, plus it gave us some nice, subtle character revelations, and finally wrapped up the loose end of Chase's dying dad. But I'm feeling a new need for some charts and graphs on the show's timeline, though maybe that's a symptom of the sleepiness. (OK, that's a second sentence, but it's really just a sidenote. And TM amysusanne from TWoP on the charts and graphs thing. I'm done now.)

Favourite Housism from tonight's episode - "Livers are important, Cuddy. Can't live without them. Hence the name."