Sunday, June 25, 2006

I can't top this

Scott Feschuk of Macleans magazine has a laugh-out-loud funny article on pretty much what I've got lined up for tomorrow on Blogcritics – the TV industry's scramble to add Internet and mobile video offerings to their programming, as seen at the Banff World Television Festival. His article makes different points, or I'd be forced to delete my own, curl up in a ball and cry, and deal with my own inadequacies. Well, I still might have to do that last part, but I won't delete, anyway.

His article Banff to the Future says things like:
Nowadays a TV show is apparently "a subset of a bigger experience . . . a wonderful content experience" that incorporates the Internet and digital platforms. That's how it was described by Fred Fuchs, newly hired as a senior programming executive at the CBC. So next time you watch a terrible Canadian television program, don't say, "This show sucks." Remember to say, "This subset of a bigger experience sucks."
Feschuk replaced Terry David Mulligan at the last minute to conduct the interview for Paul Haggis's session, and he was both hilarious and able to let Haggis be the star. Mulligan was back for the Paul Scheuring and David Shore sessions, and let's just say I don't think Feschuk should have been second choice.