Sunday, June 18, 2006

Whistler: not just a town now

It feels like I just got back, and I'm off again to Whistler, bright and early tomorrow morning. I really should have booked a hotel for tonight, too, but I couldn't face heading out so soon again. I'll regret that tomorrow when I remember that I'm really not a morning person.

Speaking of Whistler, I heard rumblings about Whistler the television series when I was at the Banff festival, since people involved with it were there (no interesting scoop – just that it's coming soon, busy, busy, busy). It premieres June 25 on CTV so I'll check it out if I remember. It doesn't sound like something I'd tune into regularly, but I bet the scenery is pretty.

Speaking of Canadian series, I've seen two episodes of The Jane Show now, and while I was lukewarm on the first, I loved the second (in a noirish spoof, Jane gets addicted to television - I can relate. Though maybe not to the noir part of it. My life is more ... blanc). But good grief Global! You don't make it easy to promote. It apparently airs Thursdays at 8:30 in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; 9:30 in BC, Ontario, and Quebec; and 10:30 in Alberta and Atlantic Canada. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like, say, Tuesdays at 9/8 Central. Plus, the show's website doesn't seem to have been touched since the show premiered. It has a banner saying "Catch the series premiere on Global Thursday night," a blog with two entries, the latest from June 1, and an episode guide that has only the June 1 episode listed.

Speaking of … nothing related, I still have at least a few more articles inspired by the Banff festival left to write, with one in pending now at Blogcritics – I'll link when it's up.

And now I'm going to start watching some DVDs of this little show I've heard about recently. Lost, I think it's called?