Tuesday, February 20, 2007

House meets 22 Minutes and Canadian health care

Earlier today, in answer to the question "What are you going to do tonight with no House" I replied "Sit in front of the blank TV screen with tears streaming down my cheeks." But I forgot - the screen doesn't have to be blank, and the tears can be of laughter. Besides Rick Mercer Report, there's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which tonight is airing a best of show, as voted on by viewers. Remember when I asked you to vote on your favourite House sketch? We won! I mean, it won. At least, from the episode description, it better have won or there's some sneaky marketing going on there. I swear I only voted once. (By the way, thanks for that heads up, Mef). If you miss the show, you can catch the House sketch online under Nov. 28.

There's other funny sketches, too, of course. Not everything has to be about House.