Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BWTVF 2007: Not all about me

Phew, I just submitted the transcript of the Rob Thomas interview to Blogcritics, so I hope it'll be posted by tomorrow morning. I'm saving the more feature-y articles for post-festival, when I have time to let the ideas coalesce and stuff. It's exhausting, all this sitting and listening and mingling. Doesn't leave much brain power for other things.

Anyway, if you're interested in other people's takes on some of the speakers, like Greg Daniels of The Office and Ben Silverman, the new NBC co-chairperson, or what it's like to network and pitch a series in front of a crowd of people, check out these fellow bloggers who are also at the festival:
And there's a ton of other interesting coverage out there. Let's see if this link works: Google News.

You can see all my coverage from this year and last here: Blogcritics' Banff World Television Festival feature. Except last year's David Shore Master Class writeup got put in the House feature section instead.