Friday, June 22, 2007

The pet sitter got more pets than she bargained for

With the dead silence and filler posts lately, you might not believe that I have lots of meaty-ish things in the pipeline, but I do. They're just waiting for me to be talked down from the ... no, not the ceiling. That's a bad place to be in my apartment.

(Warning: vermiform grossness ahead.)

I came home from holidays to find out a new bag of flour had apparently come with a bonus of mealworm eggs, which had hatched and were crawling on my kitchen ceiling in the form of mealworms. Lots of mealworms. Some of them turned into meal moths. It's been a week since they hatched, the worms and moths have been evicted, the cupboards stripped bare, the kitchen scrubbed and disinfected, and I still won't enter the room. And I still sit in front of the laptop and scratch at phantom creepy crawlies I imagine have nested in my hair. In short: it's been hard to concentrate here lately.

Sorry, I feel the need to share the horror in order to spread it thin and have less of it for myself. I have a bad feeling I've just made it more vivid in my mind by putting it down in writing. But at least I can feel I'm not alone in my creeped-out-ness.