Saturday, September 29, 2007

House meets life

I've written about the shortage of professional TV critics in Canada, given media conglomeration and the lack of importance placed on local TV coverage.

The National Post's Rob McKenzie, who besides covering the usual suspects in the paper, has added dramatically to the number of stories on Canadian TV out there with frequent postings to that newspaper's Arts & Life blog, The Ampersand, so he's one of the increasingly fewer voices we have on the scene. And thank god he's still on the scene, after suffering a "mysterious stroke."

Instead of using a stroke as an excuse to slack off work, he instead spent his time in hospital pondering the similarities - or not - to an episode of House, in Real life vs. House: In a way it was a 'stroke' of luck.
My diagnostic tests included a CAT scan, an MRI and an echocardiogram. I kept wondering which would be the one that makes me 10 times worse. On House, there's always one test that backfires horribly. During my echocardiogram, I glanced at the minute hand of the wall clock, figuring matters could go awry only at half-past the hour, which is approximately when House's patients have their setbacks.
Read more ... and wish Rob a speedy recovery free from abusive doctors.