Sunday, May 11, 2008

The scoop on Durham County, This is Emily Yeung, and the CRTC hearings

Here's the latest TV, eh? show on Blogtalkradio:

Approximate start times:
And ouch --I knew I'd be stood up by someone sooner or later, but there's a painful 10 minute section after the Durham County interview where I had to attempt a three-way call to connect with the My Messy Life filmmaker, who wasn't answering. Then I fumbled around trying to find out if I'd managed to reconnect to the Blogtalkradio line and was actually rambling on the air or not, while the Blogtalkradio site was not responding for me. I can hold a grudge against the website but not the filmmaker - Josh Freed is on holiday in Italy so I'm sure the effort was made and technical difficulties intervened.

Anyway, Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik and Adrienne Mitchell of Durham County were terrific, and it really is a brilliant show so catch it on Global starting Monday, May 19 at 10 pm (after the House season finale - not a bad timeslot).

Then be amused at my technical incompetence (hi Steve - please help) and rambling efforts to fill time by talking about Freed's My Messy Life. It's a very amusing documentary that will make you feel better about yourself if you're a messy person. I think I'll use it as a justification not to do housework today. Or maybe not. My mother's coming next week and I can't have her order me to clean my room and therefore belittle my creativity. My Messy Life airs on CTV Saturday, May 17 at 7 pm.

Mark Bishop, executive producer of This Is Emily Yeung, saved the day by chatting about that show and its upcoming DVD release, as well as other Marblemedia productions This is Daniel Cook, The Adrenaline Project, and more.

Then, last but not least - I put them last because I knew there's no way I could contain them - Jim Henshaw and Denis McGrath duelled over the CRTC hearings. I reduce the 45 minute (and tragically civilized) debate by summing up as: Don't mess with my House. But listen and you may get a little more out of it about the state of the Canadian TV industry and why the men are only reluctantly backing opposite sides.

Listen in the player above, visit the show site, or subscribe via iTunes or with any other program via the TV, Eh? feed. Or if those aren't enough options, the direct link to the mp3 file is here.