Thursday, June 17, 2010

Audio: Lindsay Blackett comments

By popular request, here's the audio file of the Home Grown Talent panel, where Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett made his controversial "shit" comment. I don't have my audio editing software on my laptop so it's the full session and in WMA format. Listen from 37:50 for the context of Blackett's question (Peter Keleghan is speaking then). Note the panel answered the question; they didn't object to the premise.

EDIT: The panel at the Banff World Television Festival was this:

Home Grown Canadian Talent - The Key To Your Success Is On The Marquee

Zaib Shaikh, Actor, Producer, Writer, Director

Kenny Hotz, Film Maker, Actor, Producer, Director, and Writer
Peter Keleghan, Actor
Eric McCormack, Actor & Producer
Jason Priestley, Actor, Director