Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Banff awards

Blogcritics wouldn't publish my Banff awards post because it was too short, and I didn't feel like taking the time to pad it when I have so many other Banff articles in the works and it wouldn't be news by the time they got around to posting it, so I Canadianized it and posted to TV, eh? instead:
After hanging with Will and Jill for a bit, I'm skipping the Kim Cattrall session -- I'm a weirdo fan who's more interested in the people behind the scenes -- to study for my David Hoselton interview this afternoon. His The Craft session this morning was a cool peek into the House writing process from one-line idea to outline to script, and how things change along the way because of production and budget pressures and input from the producers, primarily showrunner David Shore, as well as the network/studio -- though with a successful show, apparently those notes amount to "there should be an apostrophe after that 's'".

By the way, yes, some day soon I will write something interesting instead of telling you about the interesting things I plan to write about.