Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Revenge of the blogger

All the House people I've met so far seem to be too nice to be responsible for that cantankerous character. However, David Hoselton is sworn to secrecy about season five so I'll abuse his kindness and make baseless inferences about what he did say in our interview: the first episode of the new season will have a chastened House adopting a baby and a puppy.

OK, maybe not. I'll write up the interview ... soon. (I know, I keep saying that.) But the poor man was in endless media sessions so keep your eyes peeled on ET Canada and various other sources for more on absolutely nothing about season five.

The Banff people gave him a promotion to showrunner - that's what they called him on my interview sheet - and a pre-festival story in the Canadian Press had referred to him as that too, so my other nefarious plan is to make it sound like he's going around Banff pretending he's usurped David Shore.

Hmm, this article could be fun.