Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bizarre Banff

Is it possible I have the power to summon people with the powers of my mind? OK, maybe not, but:

1) I'm sitting in the Banff media room posting an article by Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald to TV, eh? and realize ... who's sitting across from me but Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald.

2) A couple of hours ago, Will and I were standing in the conference centre lobby talking about the people we'd meant to run into but somehow forgot the all-important step of knowing what they look like or where they'd be. We started talking about David Moses (Robson Arms), looked up and there in front of us was a man attached to a nametag reading "David Moses."

3) After chatting with him and various Canadian TV people in the Showrunners Group, we ended up in the lounge where I had the bright idea of emailing Jill Golick to say I'd love to say hi but didn't know if I'd run into her or recognize her if I did. My laptop battery died, so I popped into the media room to plug it in ... and there Jill was, blogging away.

I'm now going to try to use my powers for good and try to summon Hugh Laurie...