Friday, May 05, 2006

CBS recognizes the Internet is not a fad

CBS has kindly fulfilled a couple of my wishes at the same time with this announcement.

They've created a new online channel called Innertube, which will have original programming, and - here's the part where it's all about me - they'll burn off unsuccessful shows like Love Monkey, and might even present unaired pilots, an idea for which I will take full credit (I wrote about it in August) even though a million other people probably thought of it first and CBS isn't exactly keeping tabs on me to see what great technical innovations I'll come up with next.

From the Hollywood Reporter:
Original series will premiere throughout spring and summer, including scripted and animated fare. Some programs will be only a few minutes long.

Other originals will have primetime tie-ins, like "Beyond Survivor," which has behind-the-scenes footage of the CBS hit series "Survivor." All of the originals currently scheduled were produced by CBS' digital division.

Nancy Tellem, president of CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, said programs that find success on Innertube might even end up on TV.

There's so much potential here, from further engaging fans of existing shows, to original content that isn't constrained to half hour blocks of time, to using the Internet as a giant focus group/test screening. It's exciting to see one of the main networks getting this involved in online content that isn't simply a supplement to existing shows.

The integration of television and Internet is one step closer. Cool.